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Mail Your Device

To send your device in for repair, please complete the form below, printing and sending it in along with your device(s) to the following address.

486 Muswell Hill Broadway
N10 1BT

You will receive a confirmation email with a copy of the repair form for your records.

Once we have received your device we will assess the faults specified and complete the repair.

We will contact you with information on how you can make payment and once the payment has been made we will send out your device the same day for you to receive it the following day, guaranteed before 1PM, providing the payment was made before 3PM.

If for any reason we are unable to repair your device, we will contact you with specific information to why your device could not be repaired and then send your device back. We won't charge you anything apart from return postal fees.

We advise that all repairs are to be returned back to you with Special Delivery in which the cost will be included in your invoice (unless your repair is £50 and above in which case return delivery is free).

Example: If the cost of your repair costs £25. We will invoice you a total of £31.45 (£25 for the repair & £7.25 for Special Delivery return)


Full Address (incl. post code)

Email Address

Contact No.

Device Model

Phone Pass

Quote Given?


15 digit number, type in *#06# into your phone.

Description of your fault/notes

Once you submit the form, please wait briefly as your form is generated, once it is generated you will be redirected.